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3Frog Media are hard working and committed to delivering an amazing experience for each and every client. We believe that collaboration is the key to success. We will work alongside you to develop a solution that you will be proud to associate your company with. We are committed to building and forging lasting and enduring relationships with our clients. 

3Frog Media is home to a small team of passionate designers, programmers and marketers, specialising in Brand & Identity development, Web design, Ux/Ui design, Seo & Marketing...

Our working collaborations are conducted mainly online but not exclusively; this allows us to bridge geographical distances to work with clients almost anywhere on the planet.

This structure benefits you with more client-value as you enjoy the highest standard of deliverables expected of any professional agency, without the inconvenience of lots of face to face meetings eating into your busy schedule... If you’re a hands-on client that needs face-time we can do that to!


passionate about work, serious about fun


Paul is the creative director and founder at 3Frog he loves clean design and developing websites using the bootstrap framework. Paul is extremely driven & motivated with an eye for detail, a brilliant designer, Illustrator and frontend/backend  developer he also likes read Dr. Dobb's Journal & Marketing Week when he gets a chance.


Sarah a co-founder of 3Frog loves bunny rabbits, kittens, puppies, fluffy things rainbows and lolly pops. Sarah likes to colour in and can keep inside the lines, most of the time! When she's not colouring in or being googly eyed about one of the above she's a serious business woman, designer, typographer, illustrator, photographer and digital marketer and also dabbles in frontend development.


Gary or to his friends Mull is also a co-founder at 3Frog. If Gary's not hopping a ball about a GAA pitch playing Galic or blacking up for some 'Call of Duty Black Ops' he's getting his chest waxed because his girlfriend told him to. On the flip side Gary is extremely motivated an excellent designer, Illustrator and frontend developer he also reads Marketing Week while sitting on the toilet.


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